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Export & Import trading services are provided for FCL, LCL, Bulk Containers, Mixed Containers, Palletised and Non-Palletised shipments across various parts of the world.

The products in which these services are offered are:

Target Customers: Importers, Exporters, Bulk Consumers, Factories, Wholesalers, Repackers, & Distributors.


We provide wholesale supplies, custom graded and packed as per the customer’s requirements. This helps the customers in procuring quality ingredients which typically takes care of the products as a component in your entire purchasing process.

The product in which we offer these services are:

Target Customers: Bulk Consumers, Factories, Traders


We provide off the shelf standard supplies of products, which are packed and stored to ensure quality and timely supplies.

The product in which we offer this services are:

Target Customers: Bulk Consumers, Factories, Traders, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Retail chains


We provide commission/broking services, for procurement and aggregation directly from farmers, processors, and traders for different Agri commodities, to enable you to procure at the right price.

The Products which we deal in for this service are

Target Customers: Exporters, Importers, Processors, Bulk Traders


We provide distribution services for importers, processors, and traders and sell to the semi-wholesale trade in the Mumbai Market.

The products which we deal in for this service:

Target Customers: Importers, Factories, Exporters, Wholesalers


We provide our industrial customers to form tie-ups and alliances with scientifically advanced farmers for contract farming for making customized and consistent quality products throughout the year.

The Products which we deal in this service:

Target Customers: Large Processing Centers, Factories who consumes in Bulk


Retail Range is offered with different SKU’s of various grammages and packing style, hygienically packed in own and partner packing centers.

We offer in-house brands and private labels. These products are distributed through our distribution network and new age eCommerce channels.

The products which we deal in this business:

Our Retail Range comprises of Brands in Various SKUs and Private Labels

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Target Customers: Retail Customers via Retailers, Distributors, Retail Chains and e commerce Channels.


Processing on our state of the art facility with latest machines offering various processes like Washing, Destoning, Aspiration Cleaning, Conditioning, Laser Sorting for foreign Materials and color, Metal Detection and online packing.

The products for which we offer these services:

Target Customers: Farmers, Raisin Bulk Traders


Cold Storage facility with robotic and hygienic handling with minimum human intervention. The throughput levels offered are high and unheard of.

Refrigerated Vehicle facility for transportation of goods to maintain optimum freshness and quality.

The products for which we offer these services:

Target Customers: Traders, Farmers, Bulk Consumers

Quality Ingredients through, Scrupulous and Hygienic processes.

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