Cold Storage

A state of the art Cold storage with a capacity of 1700 MT exclusive for Raisins is erected within the premises of the Raisins Processing Unit. The cold storage is backed by temperature controlled vehicles for the transportation and end to end logistics of Raisins.

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These form part of the standalone profit center of the integrated cold chain of Raisins ( a division of Aditya Corporation) supported by the Government.

The features of the cold storage:

  1. A pallet based storage facility with no divisions to maintain optimum humidity and temperature.
  2. The Cold storage is based on the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) technology with no human intervention.
  3. A robotic arm manages the input, output and storing of the pallets on the racks.
  4. Two pairs of input / output conveyors are strategically placed on the shopfloor and the loading/unloading bay.
  5. The doors of the conveyors are sensor based to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity within the cold storage and for electricity conservation.
  6. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagged pallets along with the robotic arm are software controlled for precision execution of command.
  7. The overall throughput (input/output) of the goods is at least 15 times then a normal cold storage of Raisins in India.
  8. The software of the ASRS system are integrated with the the ERP system for precise tracking of various lots of goods.
  9. The inhouse cold vehicles backs up as an end to end logistics solution.

Video Depicting the features of ASRS based cold storage

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