Processing Unit

Raisin Processing Unit

To augment the endeavours of presence across the value chain of Raisins, a state of the art processing plant was set up.

The plant backed by an integrated ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) Cold Storage is an independent profit center, meant for in house processing of Raisins and a third party service provider for farmers and traders of Raisins.

  1. The entire plant is made with food grade stainless steel.
  2. Best GMP are implemented along with periodic sanitation and fumigation.
  3. The sealing and the walls are cladded with puff panels and aluminium sheets for efficient cleanliness and ambient temperature.
  4. A pallet based robotic cold storage with a infeed and outfeed on the shop floor and sensor based door for Raw materials and Finished Goods.

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The plant has the following process which can be used discreetly and as an integrated line with minimum human intervention.

The Various Processes in the plant:

Block Breaking for breaking of blocks of sticky raisins.

Dry cap-stemmer for removal of stems from the raisins even with washing.

Three vacuum based aspiration to remove light raisins and foreign matter.

Various Sieve with double deck to remove oversize and undersize raisins.

Cascade based destoner and washer to remove heavy stones and wash the raisins of sand, grit and other impurities.

Spin dryer for removal of excess moisture.

Conditioning Machine with heating, cooling and exhaust tunnels to maintain the moisture levels of the raisins and overall conditioning.

Laser Sorter with resort facility for inline double sorting of colour and foreign matter.

In line metal detection and magnets for removal of ferrous metals and stones from the raisins.

All the processes are connected with belt elevators to ensure minimum human intervention. Belt elevators ensure minimum physical damage to raisins.

Screw elevator is used for oil application.

Online weighing and packing line for various packing options.

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